"[For the record] It's always after midnight somewhere" 


Gremlin: paper clay, acrylic  Bucket: vinyl records, acrylic



"[For the record] He ordered the special" 

12"x12"x5" clay on vinyl record



"[For the record] I kali ma'd that shit"

12"x12"x5" mixed media on vinyl record



"Olgoi-khorkhoi" Mongolian Death Worm

Paper clay, acrylic, sand, glass

Glass box measures 9"L x 7"W x 12"H



Grenade #28

mixed media on plexiglass



"I am currently making a lewd gesture"

Grenade #27

mixed media on plexiglass




(The fallen of the Oh Dear God)

 2"x2" mixed media

Limited Edition of 8

4 have been released. 


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